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14th November 2016

Entity International Wine Investment Fund (The)
Home Adelaide

International Wine Investment Fund

14th November 2016 - Shareholder Update - Delay in Financial Reports, Year Ended 30th June 2016, due to the sale process of the investment in Bibendum PLB being complicated..... Click here to read full announcement.

2nd August 2016 - Chairman's Update - Sale of Property
The directors of IWIF Holdings Limited advise that the sale of the landmark building has been completed......
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29th June 2016 - Dividend Announcement - June 2016
The directors of IWIF Holdings Ltd declared a fully franked dividend of $0.375 cents per share....
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24th May 2016 - Chairman's Announcement - Sale of Bibendum PLB
The board is pleased to announce that Bibendum PLB Limited (excluding the property they own) has been sold.....
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