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IWIF Holding Limited
IWIF Holding Limited was established in 2009 to "hold" the unsold investments of the International Wine Investment Fund, until the market conditions improve at which time these investments would be sold and distributions made to the shareholders.

More information on IWIF Holdings Limited and its reasons for existence will be found in the Explanatory Memorandum that accompanied the 25 June EGM's Notice of Meeting.

The International Wine Investment Fund (which was restructured) existed since 1989 and was created for the purpose of holding wine investment assets, in particular, the now famous BRL Hardy. In 1989 it was known as the Wine Trust of Australia ("WTA"). It was listed on the ASX in 1996 as the Australian Wine & Horticultural Fund ("AWHF"). In April 2000, over 80% of Unitholders agreed to change the AWHF to the International Wine Investment Fund (the "Wine Fund").

In June 2009 the unitholders approved a proposal to restructure the Wine Fund and de-list the units from the official ASX List.

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